Fan Girl Triumphant

April 11th, 2010

I haven’t laughed so hard in ages!

Last night, I finally got to have my fan girl moment, surrounded of course by other geeks, but also a plethora of nerds as well. And let me just say that there is a definite distinction and that distinction is very obvious when you are in a theater full of both. But anyway, A Evening with Kevin Smith had finally arrived!  And let me just say that when Silent Bob finally speaks, he does not disappoint! He played in the gorgeous Orpheum Theater, a theater that I don’t know how it is still standing, not because it sucks – but because Phoenix is terrible at keeping old, historic buildings standing; they would rather level them for either a new parking structure or a shiny new office building – but that is another thing altogether…go read about that here… The last time I was in the Orpheum was to see Ballet Arizona‘s performance of the Nutcracker. Kevin trumps the Nutcracker, because there was not a bar in the lobby for the Nutcracker (though they should think about that, because I know a lot of guys that might put up with the Ballet in general if there was a bar)

So, drinks in hand we headed into the theater. We had really nice seats. 3rd row, dead center. Once Kevin took the stage, I pretty much forgot being surrounded by the geeks and nerds. Well, except for when a few of them got up to ask questions. Because An Evening with Kevin Smith is pretty much a Q&A session. Basically a conversation between you and Kevin (and a theater of complete strangers) Which is totally awesome, because Kevin Smith is totally one of the people I would love to sit down and really have a conversation with. That is if I could ever get past the fan girl issues of only being able to giggle because I would be sitting there with Kevin Smith. Silent Bob, the guy who made some of my favorite movies (Go watch Dogma NOW…just saying)

There are very few people that I think are really good storytellers. Kevin Smith is one of those people. First of all, he is fucking hilarious. I seriously haven’t laughed so hard in a long time. But he is not a comedian. He is not up there telling  jokes, and he comes straight out and addresses that. He doesn’t come out to stand up and talk all night, he is there to have that conversation, so after an opening story, the mics are opened for questions. Questions that lead into fabulous stories, which is why I say that Kevin is a fabulous storyteller. The 2nd question literally led to a 30 minute story. A hilarious story. But he honestly answered (at least I am assuming he was honest – it rang of honesty to me) questions about a falling out between him and Howard Stern, *relations* with his wife, his take on comics and old-school gaming (see I told you there were Nerds), adventures on the set of Cop Out with Bruce Willis, and the Prom Bus adventures with Malcolm. I was shocked that he talked for about 3 1/2 hours! I expected maybe 2 hours, but not 3 1/2 hours! (Many Thanks to my Babysitter for hanging in for a longer night than she expected!)

I am a little bit bummed about 1 thing. I guess Kevin came back out a little after he left the stage and took some pictures with people. I would have loved a picture with him to cement my fan girl night. However, we adored the show so much that if he books a date anywhere near-by, we are snagging tickets again! But in the meantime – Hey Kev…can ya hook a girl up?

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  1. Temple Stark says:

    Great write up – and completely impressed with the turnaround time. You’re making me want to go see the guy. I’ve seen nothing Kevin Smith except Dogma which is amazing.

    How’s he supposed to help a gal out – Photoshop you into a photo with him? Tickets? Come sleep at your house on the sofa?

    • Lisa says:

      He could come crash at my house anytime!

      If you have the chance, definitely go see him. The show will obviously be very different each and every night, since it will be totally based off of what he is asked. His goal is to simply Be Honest. But, he really knows how to tell a story!

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  3. [...] Last night, I had my eyes opened a little more.  I got to spend an evening with Kevin Smith, yes, THAT Kevin Smith. Well, okay, it was just not me, but me and about 1000 others. The “show”, if you can really call it that, was absolutely incredible. Kevin was just another dude. He wasn’t promoting himself, any movies, SModCast, or any other projects. He was just there to honestly answer questions, and to talk. Yes, a giant Q&A with the man who brought us Clerks, Dogma, etc.   I could go on more about this, but there is already an awesome blog post about almost my exact experience, posted by my wife, at her site, But I Could Be Wrong. [...]

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