Let’s Have an Adventure

August 10th, 2011

That’s how we started a Saturday night out with the kids. Ok, if you want to be technical, it was not really a Saturday Night, but more like a Sunday Morning at about 1:30am. We pulled them out of bed and told them to get some shoes on (and had The Diva grab her glasses) and loaded them into the Twitter Bug, which we had already loaded up with everything we would need.  And then we drove west til the sun came up.

We wouldn’t answer any of their questions about where we were going or what we were doing – other than to say “We are having an Adventure” The Diva figured out pretty quick we were headed to California, after all “The only time they get us up in the middle of the night like this is to go to Gramma’s house” But even she was a little confused after the sun came up and she was in very strange surroundings.

Lil WO & The Diva at Balboa ParkWelcome to San Diego!

We drug them to a cute (but insanely busy) Starbucks to get drinks, and buy a ½ pound of Jamaican Blue Mountain. Then we decided to head to Coronado Beach. After walking along the beach, we decided to head up the way to Mission Beach, and walk along the shore and have a little lunch at Belmont Park. By about 3pm, WO and I were exhausted, and decided to continue the adventure a little longer… by napping. We tried to play off the idea that we had driven all the way to San Diego only to pick up that ½ pound of coffee. Even by the time we pulled up to the hotel (we had booked it about 2 weeks before) Lil WO had NO idea we were staying for a few days (The Diva had already figured it out)

Blue Horizons Dolphin Show

Each day we were there, we started out the day asking the Question “What type of Adventure should we have today?” even though WO and I had bought tickets for Sea World
and San Diego Zoo ahead of time. It was so fun to see both kids be surprised each day as we would get to our next Adventure. Panda

I wish we could pull off another trip like this – but I think this is a onetime trick! But I am glad it went off as well as it did! I absolutely loved being able to surprise the kids with something fun after a long, hard summer of being cooped up in the house.  They had never been to San Diego, and it had been about 20 years since I had been.

Quite honestly I am surprised I was able to pull it off. To have been planning a 3 day trip to san Diego and not being able to talk about, or even worse – tweet about it, or post anything on my Facebook Page – was just about impossible for me!

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