Last Day

August 14th, 2011

Back to School

Yes, its the last day of summer vacation. As of tomorrow morning at 8am, I will have an 8th grader and a 3rd grader in the family.

As I type this, they are actually getting along, The Diva helping Lil WO to master diving into the pool before school starts. I am sure this won’t last very long, once dinner is over and it’s time for showers, making lunches for tomorrow and then to head to bed at a decent an earlier hour, the arguments and fights will begin.

This year is tough on me, between the new job and the kids starting a new school. I can only imagine what next year, when The┬áDiva┬ástarts High School will be like! Meet the teacher night helped calm a few nerves… but as the 1st day looms, I am beginning to get nervous for them again. Will Lil WO’s teacher be understanding if he has a little trouble with focus and sitting still? How will The Diva handle a bigger school, 6 periods and a more traditional Junior High experience? Plus both of them making new friends and hanging out with the “right” kids.

It’s is definitely a year of changes for us. I am just praying that the changes are easy to adapt to.

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  1. Mom says:

    I can feel your nerves! I am praying for a really understanding teacher, who can hold his attention and know how to gently deal with what ever situation arises, and I thing the Diva will handle the challenges well as a well trained Diva should, although at not the easiest stage of a kids life. You always keep open communication and you have raised 2 very wonderful kids, have back up with other moms and family, so trust yourself and them. Hopefully it will only take a little while for everyone to fit into a really good groove.

    Love you BUNCHES!!!

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