Bucket List ~ With a Social Media Twist

I guess 39 is kicking my ass mentally. I have officially started a semi-Bucket List.


Ok, this is me, so you know I can’t just write out a Bucket List – there has to be a Social Media Spin on it.

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So I started it on Pinterest. You do know what that is right? If not, please crawl out from under your rock and pay attention.


Pinterest is a new spin on Social Bookmarking. Once you sign up for an account, you can create “Boards” which are basically like bulletin boards that you can “pin” things you like. You can theme and categorize your boards, and also follow other Pinterest Members and like and share thing they have pinned (which is where the social media component of Pinterest comes into play) Where the social bookingmarking comes into play is you can basically anything you find on the web… (even though currently I see most people not taking advantage of this curation possibility, most I find simply re-pin things already existing in the Pinterest Community) Since this whole platform is based around the concept of an idea board, when you pin something, like a website or article, instead of just text in the form of a link.

 -Ok lesson over –To Do Before 40 BoardI have started my bucket lists there – and I started small, a single board “To do Before 40”But I love having visual representations of the things I want to do, that I am going to expand my boards, so I can begin to include things that don’t fit into the one year time frame that the first board is limited by. I am enamored by my social media bucket lists… I spend way too much time finding things to fill them! 

Want to see what I am talking about? Join Pinterest (warning, it will consume your life become addicting) Be sure to follow my boards when you get there!


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  • Mom on

    I am not under a rock, I am old!


  • Giselia on

    Hi dear Ewa 🙂 here in Portugal we’ve had mostly sunny days. a ltitle bit of rain too but not too much. I live up North, the weather is cooler, although we also had pretty hot days. so I guess it has been a messy Summer. every time I go out to photograph I get sunburned but I don’t find the sun that hot around here. did you see that you can also tweet about ‘Earth Wonders’? I’ll feature a blog that tweet about their entry on #earthwonderschallenge (and no one did yet 😉 have a great weekend. hope it’s sunny. xoxo


  • Nida on

    as to your questions. I netehir pin or tweet. If pinning it on your wall leads to my own blog I don t mind. But find it not neccessary. I m blogging that s what I do. And am trying some artwork and want tha to be only mine. I have facebook but use it only to keep track of my granddaughter on Hawaii. You too have a blue spring flower, I love them both. Yours and mine. 🙂


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